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Warp-It is a completely new way to reduce purchase costs, reduce waste, clear buildings, refit offices and collaborate between teams, departments and even organisations. Our customers keep picking up awards and recognition for their work embedding our service in a variety of ways.

Society Of Procurement Officers Award

Northumberland County Council were recognised by the Society Of Procurement Officers for excellence in procurement. This was for their initiative creating an internal sharing network. The network employed a Social Enterprise to move surplus furniture and equipment around the large rural County.

Society of Procurement Officers Award
The Northumberland County Council procurement team and Daniel O’Connor from Warp-It receive a Society Of Procurement Officers Award.

Dundee City Council

Dundee City Council and in particular Bryan Harris have received numerous accolades for the way they have redistributed assets internally and into the community using Warp It.

There is a great article here in LAWR in which Bryan explains how the project was and is being delivered.

The Council were awarded:

  1. Scottish and Green Apple Awards - Waste Management GOLD award

  2. UK Green Apple Awards - Waste Management GOLD award

  3. CIWM Scottish Resource Awards - Scottish Excellence in Resource Management (Large Organisation)

  4. Zero Waste Awards - Bronze award

Sustainable Labs Awards

University College London were recognised by Good Campus for the innovative way they used the system to share electrical lab equipment across a large city campus saving £100,000s in the process. This was a UK first as other lab sharing systems are more like asset databases - whereas Warp-It is transactional.

Paul Monk demonstrating the Warp It system
Paul Monk demonstrating the Warp It system.

Compact Voice Awards

The Sunderland Partnership played a massive role in bringing together all the major players in the city to share surplus assets across organisational boundaries as well as getting schools and charities involved. For this work they were recognised by Compact Voice.

Compact Voice Awards
The Compact Voice Awards

National Recycling Awards

The Sunderland Partnership also won a highly commended award in the National Recycling Awards. This was a great achievement as the Partnership category was the most hotly contested of the whole awards ceremony.

National Recycling Awards 2014
The National Recycling Awards 2014

Excellence in Procurement

The Winners and Highly Commended entrants for the National Government Opportunities (GO) Excellence in Public Procurement Awards 2014/15 were announced at a prestigious black tie ceremony in Birmingham on 19 March 2014. This time Northumberland County Council were highly commended for the method in which they reduced procurement demand. Using Warp It they were able to block procurement of new items and steer staff to the portal to share items already available.

National Government Opportunities Excellence in Public Procurement
The National Government Opportunities (GO) Excellence in Public Procurement Awards

More information about the Government Opportunities Awards is available here.

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I'm all for reusing and we have had some amazing items.

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