Step 1. Organisation signs up

Once an organisation signs up, a private portal for staff is created. The portal is administered by the organisation’s main contact. The administrator approves members and defines the management system controls.

View the YouTube channel for a demonstration.

Our clients who had an existing email or message board reuse system in place have positively endorsed Warp It telling us it helps supercharge the existing system by facilitating better management and control. Every transaction is recorded, waste and liability concerns are obliged and environmental, financial and performance management reports can be downloaded. There is very limited admin or manual intervention.

Step 2. Staff Register

Staff inside the organisation register their own URL . Once approved by the organisation’s administrator, staff can then being the process of exchanging resources between each other in a strategic, safe and legal environment.

Warp It facilitates the direct transfer of resources without physical transfer to general storage ensuring no double handling, helping reduce damage and H&S risks. The system also acts as a stock management system with everything listed on line thus reducing time walking around a store.

It is the responsibility of the contributing party to ensure that items are described correctly and ensure the resources are appropriate for use. All users sign up to the Warp It T&C's on registration and on transaction.

It is the claimant's responsibility to arrange collection of the item/equipment and cover any costs incurred. There is also a facility to incorporate the client’s internal transfer/removal systems, such as portering systems, if items are being sourced internally.

Step 3. Partner with other organisations

Grow your own network by linking with other organisations to share resources. Your administrator can choose to keep their marketplace private or to share surplus with chosen partner organisations. Internal staff are given priority access to resources.

Customer service and support

To ensure our clients receive the best return on their investment using the Warp It system, our team are available at any time to assist with any queries, as part of our customer care support package.

Warp It has been designed with ease of use in mind but as with all new systems, we all need assistance setting up. With 10 years’ experience in the furniture reuse sector, we can advise on setting up storage, recycling or refurbishment facilities, creating a Warp It club, finding local partners and even developing a publicity campaign.

There’s not much we haven’t been asked before so please do get in touch with Daniel, to have a chat.