How to add an item: Categorising an item

List of Categories for Items

A video for this instruction can be seen above.

First you should categorise the item. To do this, type in a keyword, part of the name, or the name of the item into the free text box - then wait! The system will then make suggestions as to how to categorise the item.

Click on the category which is broadly the most suitable. For example to categorise a desk - type in desk and wait. Click on the most appropriate category.

If the item does not appear in the category and sub category box - please add it under "other".

Please be aware when adding as "other", the item will not go live straight away. This is because we have to make a new category.

Item available from:

If you are still using the item up to a certain point you can specify when it becomes available to claim. The benefit of this is that other users can add the item to their Watchlist and claim the item in advance of it becoming available. This saves time and is very useful for building clearances. So if you know you will have something surplus in the future you can add it now and others can book it!

Item available to:

Item available from and advertise until

This date is the very last date that you want the item in your possession. The longer this date is into the future the more chance you will have to find a new home for it within your organisation or beyond in the 3rd sector or partnership organisations. If the item is not claimed 5 days before this deadline you will recieve a notification on what to do next.

Adding a photo

If you do not have a photo you can pick from the photo library. This saves time. The picture will be displayed with "Please note this image is for illustrative purposes only. This is not the actual item. Potential claimants are advised to use the "Ask a question" feature or check the item in person to satisfy that the item fits your needs before claiming." Pick an image which best suits the item you are adding.

If you do have a photo, before you add the picture make sure that the resolution is not too high. Pictures with a high resolution take longer to upload and the resolution is not really necessary. Just upload the pic in the same way as other web services.

Adding more details

The more details the better, but everyone is pushed for time. If you want to add more details use the free text box - or click the buttion to add other aspects.

Once the item is uploaded it is advertised to internal staff and if not claimed is then either sent to storage or advertised to 3rd parties like charities.